BottleMart – iOS native app

Application allows users to find location of bottle mart store. You can search either by current location or manually input address. App works in offline mode, but can be synced with web API upon user request to receive updated locations. If store locations are modified user sees notification.

After quick couple of sessions we have identified following requirements:

  • Should be able to find Bottlemart and Bottlemart Express locations nationwide
  • Searching of location should be instantaneous
  • Locations should be synced to main server when ever updated locations are available
  • Access to weekly specials by state
  • Ability to submit feedback on specific location or for overall system

With above requirements on hand we designed application with following features:

  • Native application
  • Data storage is local, on mobile device using sqlLite
  • Upon availability of internet connection, user is notified if updated locations are available
  • User can trigger data sync at own convenience
  • Weekly specials are displayed within application using browser, meaning can be updated on server by client easily
  • Feedback can be submitted from tab bar menu which is available on every application screen, plus additional submission places for every location
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