MiCat iOS and Android

MiCat app allows users to keep track of all work order management activities relating to your organisation from the convenience of an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Application Features:

  • Create, view and edit work orders from your iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Work in a ‘live’ connected stage to your Hardcat database so any work performed is reflected back o the Hardcat database straight away
  • Covers work order management activities
  • Access to work order presets, actions, details and much more…

Download MiCat iOS, MiCat Android and see for yourself.

MiCat was built using Agile approach from gathering requirements to testing of the application. After each 2 week sprint client would have a releasable version of the solution, with particular features completed. Hardcat would review the changes and decide whether to expand on already completed functionalities or move on to implementation of next stage of the solution. This approach worked well for the client, as Hardcat was there through all stages of the process and final version wasn’t a surprise, but rather well formed and shaped application which evolved during the lifecycle of the project as some requirements got updated and some new ones got introduced.

Software solution:

  • Uses restful services to communicate to server from smartphone
  • Server side API is implemented using latest Microsoft technology WEB API
  • Implements barcode scanning (2d and 3d barcodes)
  • Makes full use of smartphone camera and photo library
  • Multi-threaded application allows multiple data retrieval simultaneously
  • iPhone application is built using objective c, fully native
  • Android application is built using hybrid approach, incorporating Bootstrap and AngularJS
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