Roulette Clue – available on Google Play, Kindle and iOS App Store

ROULETTE CLUE is a roulette mathematical strategy system app which assist punter to minimize risk and maximise winning probability, the app is available on App Store, Google Play and Amazon kindle.

We collaborated with the client right from the start to successful release to the app stores.

Initially we conduct a few small consulting sessions where we refine requirements and iteratively design and build the app. During the initial sessions, we obtain following requirements:

  • ROULETTE CLUE must be available on iOS, android and kindle
  • ROULETTE CLUE must have low maintenance across platforms
  • ROULETTE CLUE is quick and affordable to build
  • ROULETTE CLUE maintains user privacy
  • ROULETTE CLUE works offline i.e. User can use the app without 3G connectivity

Armed with these requirements we designed the app with the following characteristics:

  • Hybrid app (integrate mobile web in to native app using Phonegap)
  • Local storage will be used, not the backend database on the server
  • Utilising HTML5 local storage and offline support

These fulfil user requirements for instance, hybrid app built from Phonegap can run on multiple mobile platforms and easily maintainable across platforms, utilising local and HTML5 capabilities allows the app to store data on the device locally to protect user privacy and work without 3G Connectivity.

We then iteratively implemented and revised the app with the client until releasing to app stores. We continue to support the app, to ensure ROULETTE CLUE is healthy and client is satisfied.

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