zoozz – iOS native application

zoozz is an iPhone application which allows users to get paid real money for completing simple tasks right from their phone. It allows anyone to make quick extra money while letting companies and individuals take advantage of inexpensive but scalable workforce.

zoozz is one of the first apps that takes advantage of flexible cloud workforce.

Tasks can be as easy as taking a photo, answering questions, acquiring GPS coordinates of a location or acting as a mystery shopper.

User completes the task on the phone and all answers are synced back to the cloud storage where it can be easily accessed by task owner. Once task owner is happy with the result provided, money is released to the user who completed the task. Every one is the winner with zoozz!

App can function in both online and offline modes. Once tasks is completed user can choose whether results can be submitted straight away using cellular data or wait till they get to the WI-Fi hotspot.

Building of zoozz solution was a reasonably large task. As we needed to build: smartphone application, web API to communicate to the server, admin system to create tasks and process payments plus web site to explain how the app works to users, all of those has to support multiple languages. We started by gathering all of the required information that clients needs for task owner to describe the task to be completed. Once we had all information on hand, we built admin system using php. When admin system was functional and client could create tasks, restful service was created to communicate to smartphone. Finally it was time to create smartphone app, which had to be friendly, colourful and easy to use.

zoozz was really happy with delivered product. We are still maintaining the site and iPhone application and hoping we get more and more work from zoozz.

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